Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking to Invest?

Via Bird Watchers Anonymous and the AJC, I hear the Atlanta Thrashers might be a welcome place for your dollars.

I think the Chronicle's record is pretty clear when it comes to what we think of the Atlanta Spirit ownership group. As much as we've criticized them in the past, fairness obliges me to credit them with at least two things, and this seems as good an opportunity as any to credit them:

1) They went on a spending spree this summer to hire Rick Dudley, acquire Nik Antropov, and take on Pavel Kubina's not-small contract, all in the hopes of generously shelling out even more money to pay Ilya Kovalchuk for many, many years.

2) For Jeebus's sake, and this goes for Canuckle-dragging yellow journalists and Thrashtards alike, STOP all this dumb hyperventilating about the ATL Spirit being a "money-losing" organization. Yes, they've lost a fair amount of money over the years, but (seriously, are you ready? because this is an actual dimension-opening mindfuck) even a paid commie like myself knows that a business can lose money for a fairly long time and still be a viable business. It's called "running a business at a loss." Of course, there are certain conditions for this kind of thing, like having a big and deep pool of capital to dip into. The ATL Spirit guys, whatever else you may say about them, aren't going to run out of capital anytime soon. The countless concerts and special events at Philips, plus the sales of Wetzel pretzels and gallons of beer, not to mention their personal fortunes, will make sure of that. The fact that they're willing to invest in this team--and yes, lose money on it--ennobles them at least a little bit, don't you think?

But still, they might be looking for new investors. I know I could contribute maybe $20 if they'd be willing to give me a .000000002% share in ownership.

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Razor Catch Prey said...

We here at the Chronicle should pool our resources and we might be able to make that a .000000009% share!