Friday, October 23, 2009

Ovechkin/Peverley Hit

The folks on Hockey This Morning have been spending a lot of air time discussing the "slew foot" Alex Ovechkin put on Rich Peverley in the final minute of last night's game. Watching in person, there was too much going on around the play for me to see the actual infraction. Ron Hainsey said that he didn't see anything dirty when he watched it happen, but could clearly see the slew foot on replay.

Evgini Artyukhin was suspended by the league this week for exactly that kind of play. Luckily, Peverley wasn't hurt. What are your opinions?

Here's the link to Hainsey's comments from HTM.


Daculafan said...

I'd approach it the same way it seems the league is approaching the Slava boarding harm no foul

A2B said...

I'd let it slide... minor fine at worst to let the players know that the league is still watching for their healh, but nothing major is in order here

Anonymous said...

pev wasn't hurt this time, but ovechkin is a player who consistently has questionable hits. it won't be long until he catches someone with his shoulder and has to answer for it.

h said...

I wa pretty close to the action at the time and it didn't look all that bad. On replay maybe it was a bit questionable, but I also thought Kozlov's hit wasn't as bad as some said as well. Last night was ugly. If you had told me we'd hold Ovy off the scoresheet and kill all penalties including a 5-3, I would have sworn we'd win by 3-4 goals. Couple of dumb plays by Pavs (seriously dude, get your body in front and square up) and a bad change in first period with Schubert getting caught flat footed....oh well, win the next 2 and I'll forget about this one soon enough.