Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thrashers Decapitate Sens in Halloween Horror/Miracle

It's hard to know what to say about that game in any general sense, so I suppose I'll stick to the tried-and-true Random Impressions method.

- First and foremost, Pavelec was stunning and this kind of performance should restore any lost confidence. He made about a dozen highlight-reel saves, maybe more. The sequence during that late Ottawa power play where he stopped something like 3 shots, from 3 very different angles, in just a few seconds while the entirety of both teams stumbled and fell all around him was completely insane. For another great save, check out this incident of Czech-on-Czech crime:

- That said, we can't rely on our goaltender to bail us out every game. Especially if we go through entire periods where we can't break out of our zone. The fourth line icing the puck TWICE in the same shift was something I would do in a two-player video game; that is, it was goofy as hell. The team as a whole needs to work on that whole "giving up 51 shots/ never getting out of our zone" thing.

- Can Maxim Afinogenov only score those lovely goals of his when he's in totally alone?

- Bogo and the Pevs Dispenser continue to be solid. Bogo's goal was magical, and we're going to need a lot more goals like Peverley's if we're going to get through this Czarless period intact.

- Nik Antropov will finish the season with 82 assists and 0 goals.

Happy trick-or-treating and/or fire-lit barn dancing, bobbing for apples, and mirror magic. Or maybe even watching the Val Lewton marathon on TCM, if that's your thing. Which it might well be.


FrenchCatalogues said...

so what happened to Hainsey

Mr. Speaker said...

I think a ghoul stepped on his, wait for it....


Get better fast Ron Hainsey. 51 shots is about twenty too many!

Don't know what was more frightening...our pathetic 3rd period effort or the insanely great performance by Pavelec. He was devilishly delightful on this cold, rainy All Hallow's Eve.

h said...

I'll tak ugly wins over ANY loss ANY day.....Get well soon Kovy and Hainsey

Tiffany said...

hey, congrats on your line name sticking! i will always remember you guys came up with that first! well done. probably not the first mention there's been of it in the media, but first i noticed, so... i congratulate you!!

(i'm applauding in my mind)

aaron said...

A flighty European-tour romance starring Ondrej Pavelec as a cobbler and a young Audrey Hepburn as an heiress on the run?

A noir thriller starring Bryan Little as the hard-boiled gumshoe getting more than he bargained for while searching for the murderer of a beautiful dames' husband?

Finally, two names Evander Kane and Akira Kurosawa. A match made in film heaven.

Mortimer Peacock said...


I'm actually quite angry with myself that I didn't include a gumshoe noir-type movie. To be honest, I'm thinking of changing the Peverley "western" (the current front-runner) into a Chandler/Hammett private detective thing.