Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interesting Trivia

The Chicago Wolves new GM is former Atlanta Knights backup goalie Wendell Young. According to his Wikipedia page, Young is the only player to have won a Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Turner Cup, and Stanley Cup. He did it in an odd order, winning the Memorial in juniors, the Calder with Hershey, then the Stanley Cup as a backup for the Pens in 91-92, then the Turner Cup with the Wolves in 2000. He played a couple of games with the Knights the season they won the Turner Cup in Atlanta, but apparently wasn't on the team during the playoffs when Mike Greenlay took over the starting job from J.C. Bergeron.

The Wolves have a video tribute to their new GM's playing career here.

How much does an AHL General Manager do, really? Obviously there's all of the non-hockey business responsibility, but when it comes to the roster, what does he do besides take what the NHL club hands down?

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