Monday, October 12, 2009

John Anderson Simply Does Not Care for Slava Kozlov's Diet

The Thrashers don't play again for like 7 full years, so there's precious little to say. Here's some worthwhile stuff that the Internet has recently thrown up:

- Some dude who plays the Hockey in Zagreb committed an act of OMG Goal-Scoring Pwnage the other day. [Puck Daddy]

- Mr. Rawhide's peculiar and famous blog over at the AJC--in addition to being the newspaper's sole source of wealth--is now 3 years old. Head over and say "Cheers, Mr. Rawhide. Thank you, thank you brother, for being a beacon to Thrash-bloggers hither and yon. Ah, Trixie, I didn't see you come in. Looking lovely today, as always, truly a vision." [AJC Ice Man]

- Not hockey-related, but hahahahahahaha 20th Century Fox is making a Moses movie in graphic novel-300 style. The plagues are gonna kick ass. [The Awl]

- Ben Wright is demanding you Twitter him your requests for a new "Ask a Thrasher" feature. Speaking as me, I'd like to see a searching interview with Nik "Danger" Antropov. [Ben Wright on the Twitter]

- I thoroughly enjoyed this video of John Anderson all mic'd up at a Thrashers morning skate. Particularly his ribbing of Slava Kozlov for not eating more steak. [Thrashers TV]

Song of the day? Song of the day:

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time - Manic Street Preachers


Trixie (Rawhide's Secretary) said...

*giggle* - Oh, Mr. Peacock, you flatter me so. ;)

Big Shooter said...

( | ) --- Mooning Trixie.