Sunday, June 28, 2009

What They Are Saying

Well, from all accounts it appears everyone is pleased with how the draft turned out for the Thrash. I am also pleased as long as we end up with a top 4 D in the yet to come goalie trade. Kaberle anyone? Maybe a trade with the Blues, Oilers, Avs? Who knows. Here is what ESPN had to say about the draft. They only picked three or four teams that they singled out to have done a great job. We were one of them:

Atlanta Thrashers: They will never be a salary-cap team, but that doesn't mean economics won't play a significant role in how they proceed, especially with star winger Ilya Kovalchuk set to become an unrestricted free agent next year. But the Thrashers continued on that slow road back to respectability, and perhaps even relevance, with what one rival GM described as "a terrific draft."

GM Don Waddell told on Saturday that their top three picks -- Evander Kane, Carl Klingberg and Jeremy Morin -- were all potential first-round picks in the Thrashers' draft mockup, and they got Klingberg at No. 34 and Morin at 45.

Kane, the fourth overall pick, is considered a keeper, and if he continues to add bulk (his father is a boxing/fitness trainer), Waddell said the talented center from the Vancouver Giants could be on the team's roster in the fall. The Thrashers also likely will be interested in adding a top-four defenseman and no doubt will look at the availability of Toronto blueliner
Tomas Kaberle.

On to the devastating news, we have lost Billy Mays. God love em. I'm sure right now he is in Heaven trying to sell Jesus a bunch of crap.

We are gonna miss you Billy. A hero to all of us here at The Chronicle. I'm being serious.


Anonymous said...

I liked em too. I preferred his commercials with the volume way down, but they were always entertaining.

the jointhead said...

He was emailed the new product he was too sell and he go so excited his heart just exploded(kaboome!). We should all be so enthusiastic about our jobs.

aaron said...

Adding my RIPs for Mr. Mays. Made feel worse than MJ & Farrah combined.

Big Shooter said...

Glad we are all in agreement that Billy Mays was a real man.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Billy Mays=Mark Messier+Patrick Roy+Dale Hunter+Rob Blake