Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Friday Fun Post

Nothing doing in the Hockey right now. Ne'er worry, though, cause a week from today is National Evander Kane Day.

So. It's Friday! Ah, how fun.

So I'm reading one of favorite Internet writers, comedian and comedy writer Dennis Perrin (who wrote--from the perspective of the sports fan he is--a book about American sports culture and why he thinks it blows goats; he never mentions hockey, interestingly), and he's posted a bunch of Conan O'Brien sketches the like of which Conan will never, ever, be able to perform on the Tonight Show. Head over to Perrin's site and look at them all; I was particularly taken with Lobster Jerry Lee Lewis:

He's also been trawling through old David Letterman clips. This is a classic of So Horrendous It's Brilliant. Note the visible discomfort of both Dave and Paul:

And now some other haw haw I've discovered, as it is the Weekend, after all, and we must be Entertained. This is too good to be true:

TV actually used to be like that, apparently.