Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sports Illustrated is Very Serious

Can we finally stop pretending that being employed by a famous magazine or newspaper is a guarantee of even minimally accurate reporting?

Allan Muir, burning the midnight oil as a deadline bears down:

4. Atlanta Thrashers: Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, LW, Timra (SEL)
Keep an eye on the guy that announcers, for sake of brevity, refer to as MPS. Widely considered a lock for the top-five since an impressive performance at the World Juniors, there are now whispers that he could drop several slots. Wishful thinking on the part of some scouts at the lower end of the lottery and beyond? Could be. I still think he's too intriguing a package to slip. MPS's game is all about speed. The kid is a burner, Mike Gartner-style. He blazes up and down the wings, blowing by defenders and driving hard to the net where he's capable of fooling netminders with a variety of shots. He'll be a first-line winger in this league no matter where he lands.

Right. I recognize this kind of thing, from Experience (not at Sports Illustrated). He's cold making shit up, tossing off readymade phrases that are both perfectly true (MPS is "all about speed," I'm sure, and that he "blazes up the wings") but so general and context-free that they don't mean a damn thing.

Research, in the form of a quick Google search for some combination of "Don Waddell interview" "2009 draft" "Thrashers" "Who will you choose?", seems to be lacking as well. D minus SEE ME.

Also, the Red Wings want your Colby Armstrong. The Falconer is already talking about torches and pitchforks.

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