Friday, June 19, 2009

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Chaka Khan

The NHL Awards thing was somehow tedious and embarrassing at the same time. If the NHL wanted to do a Vegas show, why didn't they do a Vegas show? Couldn't they have hired Wayne Newton and some showgirls? Gotten one of Siegfried and Roy's tigers to carry the Richard Trophy to Ovechkin in his mouth?

Aside from Pavel Datsyuk, Kevin Smith, Tim Thomas, and Jean Beliveau there was very little wit or spontaneous emotion of any kind. Even JR managed to be boring.

E. from Entourage adjusting his mike, because of the Shortness, was sort of funny.

Award show fail.

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the jointhead said...

I believe they used the thrashers marketing team. With all the great personalities in hockey it shouldn't be hard to put on a good show. Just turn the guys loose and add a censor if you must.