Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rumors on the Internets

From the Fourth Period:

According to the Ottawa Sun, the Edmonton Oilers are among the teams very interested in acquiring goal-scoring winger Dany Heatley from the Senators.
Heatley, who has a no-movement clause, would have to approve any trade the Senators try to make.

Last week, it became public knowledge that the star sniper had asked to be traded.

The Oilers have been looking for a first-line superstar for several months, dating back to last summer when they reportedly offered Marian Hossa a nine-year, $81 million contract.

It's uncertain if Heatley would approve a trade to Edmonton, but his agent, Stacey McAlpine, told TFP last week that they would be open to any situation.

The Oilers aren't the only team eyeing Heatley, as the Calgary Flames, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild and San Jose Sharks are also believed to be in the mix.

Big Shooter's 2nd favorite team, Razor's 2nd favorite team, Monsieur's 2nd favorite team, and the very editor of this blog's 2nd favorite team are all in grave danger. We don't currently have a Minnesota Wild fan on board but perhaps we can find one.

If it's Heatley they want, it is Heatley they shall receive. And everything that goes with it.*

Thornton and Heatley playing together would be a Canadian starburst supernova though, no doubt about it.

*Dany asking to be traded every few years and shit, causin' problems and jus cold killin' the vibe in the locker-room like a lamer. Killing. The vibe.


aaron said...

Repeat: Cold killin' the vibe. NOT cold kickin' it live, like the Beastie Boys. Two very different things.

Though with the highly paid mess the Rags have become, Heater would be an interesting addition...

Mortimer Peacock said...

Very well put. Immediate Comment of the Day proclamation.