Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Things

The hockey wires are at a slow trickle today, sorry. I'm sure there will be more to report and play with as the week inches closer to Draft Day. I've heard that TSN tossed off the idea of the Thrashers trading Bryan Little to Philadelphia in exchange for James van Riemsdyk and either Joffrey Lupul or Daniel Briere or Scott Hartnell, or something along those lines.

This would be a plausible trade, if it weren't for the fact that van Riemsdyk is a bit of a Maybe and Bryan Little is now a proven Look At That. I tell you, we could've gotten the likes of Lupul for Ondrej Pavelec, but the Flyers went and hired Ray Emery instead, the fools.

So, the selections for the 2009 class of inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame are tomorrow. 4 player openings. Some folks who became eligible this year:

Steve Yzerman
Brett Hull
Brian Leetch
Luc Robitaille
Alexander Mogilny
Dave Andreychuk

Yzerman, Hull, Leetch, and Robitaille seems like an unimpeachable bunch. But then again, consider who's been eligible for a while now but still hasn't been inducted:

Pavel Bure
Doug Gilmour
Adam Oates
Dale Hunter
Mike Vernon
Claude Lemieux
and more.

Who's it gonna be HMMMMM? HEEEEENGH?

Meanwhile: yes, aliens, there will be an Indy 5.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I would be willing to bet Those top four get in during their first year. If anything, Lucky may get passed over on this first ballot in favor of Mike Vernon.

As good as those previously eligible players were, none of them save Vernon and Claude Lemieux have quite the case for HoF as Steve Y, the Golden Brett, Leetch, and Lucky. And Lemieux may have re-set his eligibility by coming out of retirement.

Bure, Oates, and Hunter all retired without having won the Cup despite their excellent careers. Gilmour is probably next on the list behind Vernon and Lemieux since he's won the Hart trophy and even has a division in a junior hockey league named after him. But Vernon led the Flames and Wings to cups and Lemieux is the first player to win back to back cups with different teams (NJ '95, Col '96).

Nobody can argue with the highest scoring left winger until Kovy breaks his record (Luc Robitaille), Conn Smyth winner and the best American born defenseman until Zach Bogosian surpasses him (Leetch), the highest scoring American forward of all time (Hull), and one of the game's all time great captains (Yzerman). All of whom have at least one Stanley Cup win. Too bad 3 of them win Cups with Detroit.

Big Shooter said...

I'm sorry, I have no idea what Razor is talking about. The only thing I saw in that post was there is going to be an Indy 5!!!!!!!

Morty, in the future news such as this should be delivered to me in person, not via the Chronicle...

Mortimer Peacock said...


I reckon you're right about all of that. Luc, Leetch, Yzerman, and Hull are all on a higher level than the likes of Bure and Hunter (who are still great).


My apologies. I figured I'd slip in an explosive piece of news right at the end, but it's not my intention to cause Indy News-induced heart attacks.

Big Shooter said...

No problem. Now this is some TRUE scoop. Once again the Short Handed Mole is MIA...