Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There is News on the Internet

- Marian Hossa has married the city of Detroit. Or more accurately, they're engaged. Ken Holland will officiate; the wedding costs are rumored to be something to the tune of several million dollars for 7 years. [Sports Illustrated]

- The Florida Panthers have been sold. They will continue to play hockey in South Florida, but the contract stipulates that their rink will be melted to re-hydrate the Everglades. [Reuters]

- Don't forget, Game 3 tonight in Pittsburgh. I predict the Pens will pull out 1 win in their hometown, then get crushed in Game 5. Your editor won't be seeing any of tonight's game, as he has Very Important Things to Do. With the Falconer and Monsieur Catalogues. [Blueland Chronicle, Clear Expensive Skies, The Falconer]


The Falconer said...

Great seeing you at the show.

Now I can stop feeling like "French Catalogues" is insider hockey joke that I'm just not getting.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Ha! Yeah...the name has no significance other than a Brian Eno album (I think).