Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Shopping List

We're now officially in Draft/Free Agency Season Advent.

A shopping list, according to most sensory-perceptive people:

- A scoring right winger, preferably with size.
- A defensive defenseman who can play John Anderson's crazy attack system.
- Some say we still need a center for Kovalchuk, but that's all old stuff isn't it? The Pev Dispenser exists for a reason.

A gallery of shopping items, according to the Chronicle:

- Mike Cammalleri. Naturally a center, plays left wing, so I assume he could play right wing. Big. Scored 39 goals last season. Flames apparently keen on re-signing him, but they won't offer him more money than us unless Olli Jokinen takes a pay-cut.

- Marian Gaborik. Always hurt, but my can he score when he's healthy. Fast as all hell, too, which could be a plus for playing with Kovalchuk, Bogosian, and John Anderson's philosophy.

- Mike Komisarek. Big defensive defenseman, uncertain how well he'd fit into Anderson's system. Obviously it'd be great to get him, but if you really want bang for your buck...

-Alexei Semenov. A competent defensive defenseman who occasionally fills in on forward, so I doubt he'd have trouble with Anderson's sytem. Russian, as well, and you know what that means. Would cost peanuts.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I wouldn't take the risk on Gaborik's injuries. Especially for the price he's going to ask, and that the Kings are going to throw his way if they don't end up making a trade for Vinnie or Heatley. Ditto for the Oilers.

I'd love to get Cammalleri or Komisarek, but think that there may be too much competition for them. Komisarek is probably looking to be a top 2 D-man wherever he goes, and he may not be able to crack that top pairing in Atlanta now that the big American and little Swede have joined their mind-meld.

While I still say a center would be a better idea than a winger for Kovy's line, if Little could assume the role of pivot, we could go for someone like Brian Gionta or Phil Kessel.

A Ranger fan suggested to me the other day that Atlanta should trade for Wade Redden. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon tomorrow to reattach my ass after I laughed it off.

the jointhead said...

From the red wings Derek Meech and juri hudler will more than likely be available and cheap. Meech was above Kyle quincy on the roster and you see how that worked out for LA. Hudler reminds me alot of Bryan little. These arn't your superstars but they will be culled from a loaded ass team and will prosper somewhere, especially hudler.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Those Rags fans REALLY want Redden gone, don't they? Heh.