Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blueland Chronicle Comment of the Day!

little known fact: Aaron is secretly the Governator

There's no way I'll be able to keep this going forever; it'll probably have to be scaled back to every other day.

BUT I couldn't not hand out our most prestigious award to Aaron, proprietor of Blueland Outsider and tamer of mongooses (and more recently your editor's philosophical sparring partner):

Repeat: Cold killin' the vibe. NOT cold kickin' it live, like the Beastie Boys. Two very different things.

Though with the highly paid mess the Rags have become, Heater would be an interesting addition...

This comment is excellent because 1) of the phrase "highly paid mess," which is striking and elegant and accurate, and 2) he mentioned the Beastie Boys.



the jointhead said...

Ahh the guilty pleasure that is License to Ill. I rock that shit hard when no ones around, but I always put my root down. Ive never seen that video.

Mortimer Peacock said...

It is a grand guilty pleasure indeed. I do love the Beasties, but Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head are the great creative masterpieces; License to Ill is, like you say, for rockin' hard when no one's around.

aaron said...

quit telling people! maria's getting pissed!

i am honored.

i'm like Ma Bell, i got tha Ill Communication.

i don't know which more upsetting: the fact that most teens don't know what Ma Bell is or don't know who Qtip is.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Definitely Q-Tip. Best rapper of all time, bar none.