Monday, June 1, 2009

Ramblings from Razor

Howdy loyal readers! I know you have all been going through serious Razor withdrawal, and I want to apologize. The unfortunate need to toil in a capitalist economic system has been keeping me busy for the past month or so, but luckily Morty’s president will soon put an end to that for us all.

The first two rounds of the playoffs were exceptional this year. It’s a shame that the fun came to a crashing halt in the first period of the Caps/Pens game 7 and never returned. The only time Home Ice on my XM radio has sparked my attention since then has been the occasional discussion of this year’s draft-eligible prospects.

Along those lines, the combine provided some teaser material for those of us who are more interested in next year’s Thrashers squad than this year’s Bataan Death March of the Penguins. Kane and Schroeder both put up impressive numbers, but I also heard experts commenting on the fact that Kane still has some filling out to do. Once an NHL strength and conditioning coach gets some time with him, expect some added bulk to really improve an already impressive game from this kid.

In other Thrashers news that I didn’t have time to report last week and now cannot find a valid link to, folks over at The Hockey News finally reported what we’ve been telling you for over a year: Ilya Kovalchuk is happy in Atlanta and has no desire to wear any sweater without either a stylized Brown Thrasher or his home country’s flag. (Don’t go panicking about the KHL, I’m talking about the national team.)

My guess is that the Czar will still make DW sweat for a few weeks after July 1 to put on the pressure to bring in a worthy linemate. We’ve already had plenty of discussion about the assets that DW can use to bring in someone in a trade, and he should have more luck than last season luring folks in via free agency by offering the chance to play with Kovy, Bogo, Little, 2009 Draft Pick #4, and Toby.

Until I have something more coherent to say, this is Razor Catch Prey.


Mortimer Peacock said...

You know, it's funny that you belittle President Change so much Razor. I mean what more does he need to do to win your favor? He fights tooth-and-nail for the rights of rich bankers, he covers up Cheney-era torture and war crimes (including rape and murder) so your favorite Vice President won't go to jail, then lies about it, he allows the US military to continue incinerating the children of goat-herders in Afghanistan...In a lot of ways he's really your kind of guy.

And what's with this unpatriotic "Morty's president" business? Isn't he OUR President, as Americans? Why do you hate America so much and love Islamic Stalin Death Robots?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh, and he wants to lock people up for crimes they MIGHT, one day, commit, just like in Minority Report. That should make him the greatest president since Reagan, surely?