Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Days 'til Draft Mega-Party!

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Big Shooter has already mentioned that the entire Chronicle staff--possibly excluding the Short Handed Mole, not sure when he gets out of rehab--will be present at Rawhide's big draft party bash at TJ's in Alpharetta. Surely this deserves its own post.

We would go to the official party in Duluth but, um, uh, hmm. I am miffed I'll probably miss Zach Bogosian.

But your Chronicle will be there! If you know what we look like (Big Shooter will be particularly recognizable because he is a tall Puerto Rican with a mustache) come up and say hi. Aaron of Blueland Outsider has told me he'll be there, as will all kinds of other characters.

So come on down. Brayden Schenn and Matt Duchene and Evander Kane will be there, on the teevee, and surely it's going to be fun all-around.

If I have any say the party will go exactly like this:

Been a long time since I listened to that. Anyway, DO COME.

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Rawhide said...


Let's get the party started!!!

Fulton County P.D. ... Be on stand by!