Monday, June 29, 2009

Dump Thorburn?

As you've all read by now, the Thrashers have made qualifying offers several of their RFAs: Colby Armstrong, Kari Lehtonen, some other people I myself just heard about for the first time.

No qualifying offer has been extended to perennial first-line right winger/Kovy's Special Power Forward Chris Thorburn, but Ben Wright says Thor and the Thrashers are in contract talks and it's likely some kind of agreement will be reached.

Is it time to let Thorburn walk and make room for Spencer Machacek, and possibly that fresh-faced Evander Kane fellow we all love so much?

I'm not bold enough to make this an Official Editorial Position, but for my part: Put the old boy out to pasture. It is time. As the Falconer says, "He's a 4th line guy who never kills penalty, isn't a fighter, isn't especially big or fast."

Wonderful guy though.
Chris Thorburn Under the Bus


The Falconer said...

love the pic

Jay said...

I like Thorburn. He hustles his ass off. But he has no talent to speak of. Fill his spot with a youngster. Stuart, Crabb, Machacek, whoever.