Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Star of Game Six

Ever since game six ended last night, I've heard folks raving about MA Fleury. The NBC broadcast team gave him the #1 Star, as have all the folks I've heard on the radio or read online today.

Perhaps they saw a different game than I did last night, but to me the top spot of honor goes to Rob Scuderi. In fact, I also give him the goaltending credit for the win. Midway through the third, Scuderi bailed out his netminder by barely clearing the puck away as Nick Lidstrom came rushing in with a wide open net. Then, with just over a minute left, Scuderi made not one, but THREE saves with Fleury out of position. After stopping the first shot with his stick, Scuderi then made a glove save and a stop with his skate before Fleury was able to get and arm on top of the biscuit to force a faceoff.

The way Detroit plays, a goal at that point would have all but ensured that the Wings would have carried momentum into overtime and hoisted the Cup last night. Had that happened, any spectacular saves Fleury made earlier in the game would have been forgotten. Scuderi won game 6 for his team, and Marc Andre Fleury owes him his entire month's salary.

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aaron said...

yea, the pens' fans defense of MAF is getting a little tiresome. he's a really good goalie - not a great one. between his stickwork and his penchant for being just out-of-position enough, he's got a little ways to go yet.

i would really like to see scuds in a Thrasher sweater next year - add a little experience to the blueline. maybe get him for ~$1.5-2 million, and we have pretty solid D.