Monday, June 15, 2009

Time to Rebuild Around Slava Kozlov

Mark Bradley of the AJC says the Thrashers should trade Ilya Kovalchuk JEEBUS ALMIGHTY DO THESE PEOPLE EVER READ THE RUSSIAN PRESS? Give the AJC keys to Rawhide, for goodness' sake.

It's been obvious for a while that Bradley knows very little about the Hockey in general and the Thrashers in particular. When he deigns to write about them he relies less on empirical reportage than "ZOMG I have a brainwave I am going to write it on the Internet: Has it ever occurred to anyone that Kovy might not want to stay in Atlanta and that did you know his re-signing is coming up but hey he might not re-sign maybe it's all like Marian Hossa THIS STUFF HAS NEVER BEEN TALKED ABOUT BEFORE IN ANY AGE OF WORLD HISTORY EVER."

In an ideal world, Kovalchuk would stay here and everyone would live happily ever after. But this is a niche team in an uncertain market, and he deserves a bigger stage. And the Thrashers need to clear the air and start rebuilding around someone else. Grand as he is, Kovy needs to go now.

Why? How does Bradley know Kovy wants a bigger stage? Does he realize that our "rebuilding" is pretty much a fait accompli, what with Toby Enstrom and Zach Bogosian and Rich Peverley in the house?

I hate this man.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I feel very bad for anyone who gets all of their Thrashers news from the AJC. In the last week, we've seen articles from Jeff Schultz and Mark Bradley that were so dour, negative, and uninformed that they might as well have been written talking about Big Shooter's chances of appearing on the cover of a romance novel.

Jared In Tallahassee said...

The guy is a complete tool. It's not just the Thrashers but the Hawks, UGA, etc. as well. Bradley knows his only hope of generating hits is to aggravate fans, so he writes inflammatory nonsense at every turn just to get attention. I try not to bother reading such hogwash :-P

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

I can't hate him too much... he laughed at my Terry Pendlton/Bubble Butt/ TP comment today on Twitter.