Friday, June 5, 2009

It's a Tie! Blueland Chronicle Comment of the Day!

Or of the evening.

This one is actually a tie between our own Razor Catch Prey and master comments regular Jay, who's clearing going for some kind of Roger Federer-esque Grand Slam hat trick.

First, Razor, explaining his actions to our controversial new reporter the Short Handed Mole:

I thought people might like to have the story confirmed by a human. No offense, dirtmuncher.

It's refreshing to hear non-PC outbursts like this in our far too uptight and puritanical age.

Next, Jay with another perceptive observation, one I've long agreed with but felt cagey about expressing in public for fear of assassination:

Trade Exelby. Yeah, he's popular and by all accounts a really good guy. But he doesn't score, he can't play on the PK, and he isn't exactly the best skater in the world. Use Grant Lewis or Kulda as a seventh D-man. For about $1M less than X. Use that extra coin towards that Top 4 Defenseman. Would Bouwmeester accept our lavish riches? Or could a trade involving the 4th overall pick and X head to Toronto for something in the 7th overall and Kaberle/Kubina range?

Exelby sucks.

Congratulations, Razor. Congratulations again, Jay.

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The Church said...

If the Braves can get rid of Glavine (plus Smoltz, kinda) despite nostalgia/face-of-the-franchise factors, the Thrashers should be able to dump X with the swiftness. He can go dress up as Ron Burgundy somewhere else. (Does San Diego have a minor league team?)