Monday, June 15, 2009

Blueland Chronicle Comment of the Day!

I liked Razor's comment about visiting the plastic surgeon so he could re-attach his ass, which fell off via laughing, due to Wade Redden and stuff, but this evening I'm forced to choose penetrating thought over the Haw Haw.

Today's award for Blueland Chronicle Comment of the Day belongs to the legendary Jointhead:

From the red wings Derek Meech and juri hudler will more than likely be available and cheap. Meech was above Kyle quincy on the roster and you see how that worked out for LA. Hudler reminds me alot of Bryan little. These arn't your superstars but they will be culled from a loaded ass team and will prosper somewhere, especially hudler.

Had Jiri Hudler on my fantasy team this past season; he was a DAMN fine right winger. I honestly-to-goodness had no idea that Hudler was a free agent until the Jointhead said so. I'm glad to be enlightened.

Also, Monsieur Catalogues and I have discussed Derek Meech as well, and agree.


the jointhead said...

hudler is a restricted free agent, but i don't think he stays.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I think you're probably right. So many issues involving the money involved.

Unless they put Hossa out to pasture.