Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coach's Corner And Dany Heatley Suckage

Now then, I missed the game last night due to me having, shall we say more Holy things to tend to. In fact, it looks like I missed two great games.

I did get to watch the third period last night. I just love it when we humiliate the Sens. Good to see our favorite son Mr. Heatley perform so well last night. Love ya Dany!! In case you missed the game like me last night, Rawhide has a nice report on the game and on how the season is winding down for the Thrash. As always, truly excellent stuff from Mr. Rawhide.

Now if I can just get my Oilers in the playoffs... this is really nuts folks. If you haven't been watching the race out West, you are missing out. The Blues are now in the top eight... Crazy!! Several big games today. If you have Center Ice, tune in.

**Correction** - Apparently the Blues are in the 9 spot with the Oil in 8. This morning TSN had it backwards. They have the same number of points, games played, and wins, so the Oilers must win the next tie-break.

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Laura (aka Hildymac) said... still has it Blues 8th, Oil 9th. We can't figure it out, but also aren't questioning it.

The Oil can make it if the Blues do too. :D