Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Few Things

- Hockey kitsch, hockey kitsch, hockey kitsch. Seriously. Look at it again and tell me it's not the beginning of a bold new style in hockey design and life.

- There I go again, complaining about those dastardly Thrashers marketing folks, when they've just gone and done something endearing and entertaining. Here's a video of Johan Hedberg showing you around his crib/Moose Lair.

Eh, moose moose. Hun de Moose, hun the Moose Lair.

- Via Puck Daddy, a hilarious video of Jason Spezza getting caught (by buzzkill king Ron Wilson) with an illegal stick and frantically trying to escape an inspection. His escape attempt fails, and he doesn't even score a goal after his penalty to spite everyone. He could learn from the master criminals. Anyway, the video:

- This is embarrassing. Can Atlanta finally just secede from the Baby Jeebus Wingnut Republic of Georgia and become an independent city-state? Ooh, ooh, and we get to annex Athens and Savannah as well, high-speed trains can link all three; it'll be like we're all West Berlin, small islands of freedom in the middle of a sea of ideological darkness. It's not like the CDC and Emory are in Dalton, after all...

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