Wednesday, March 4, 2009

While We're Waiting, Part IV

And the trades roll in.

- It's official: Olli Jokinen to Calgary for Matthew Lombardi and a 1st round pick.

- Boston has done well by picking up Steve Montador. Chara, Wideman, and Montador will make for a sturdy blue line in the playoffs.

- When I say "And the trades roll in," of course I mean "there's just two big trades to report."

- According to Bob MacKenzie at TSN, the phones are burning up with offers for Colby Armstrong. We'd like to keep him, but if we get a good enough offer...

- Had to pause for lunch. Anyway, not much to report beyond the possibility of trading Armstrong.

- Toronto has traded Dominic Moore to Chicago. (Update: apparently this isn't final yet, and may not even be true. God help us.)

- Don La Greca, Billy Jaffe, and Bill Clement looking very sharp in their Trade Deadline suits.

- Kevin Allen of USA Today thinks Keith Tkachuk is staying in St. Louis.

- Mark Recchi traded to Boston. Who called that?


Okay. It's been like an hour since I typed that last sentence. Trade in the Western world has collapsed, much like it did after the break-up of the Roman Empire. We're in the Dark Ages of the 2009 Trade Deadline.

- Bill Guerin goes to the Penguins.

While you're waiting through this exceptionally awful and boring time, treat yourself to this fantastic example of good talk that doesn't exist anymore:


Big Shooter said...

Hey Morty, get off my couch and go get Daddy a Sprite. (E5)

Big Shooter said...

Thank you.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I hope that Sprite it tastes good there Pappy. Don't beat me cuz I got it too slowlike.