Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thoughts From Last Night

Whew. Just now caught my breath. What a game. I love it when the Czar gets on one of his rolls, don't you? Five points ties a career high for our boy who as Jeff Dultz once put it, "has one skate out the door". Thank you again for your expertise Jeff, don't know what we would do without you.

I'd like to echo Morty's thoughts below that it was the most exciting game of the year. Great crowd too. I was surprised so many people were there last night. Could it be that some of the fans are slowly coming back with the good month we had? Or could it be the fact that we had been on a long road trip, not many home games recently, and it was a rainy Saturday in Atlanta? Perhaps some combination of the two I say. Regardless, it was good to see some of you there. Don't worry, we've been holding down the fort in your absence. Come back soon (Tuesday).

Speaking of Tuesday, it very well could be the last game for some important Thrashers over the years. Mainly, Mr. Havelid. Craig Custance is reporting there is much interest around the league in Havelid, mainly Detroit. In the report he also states the Thrashers are unlikely to move a goalie until the summer. I'd say he has the inside track on this knowledge, so perhaps we shouldn't expect a blockbuster on Wednesday. Nice work as always Craig. We hope your move goes well. Big Shooter's prediction is that Havelid (Red Wings), Reasoner (Oilers), and Perrin (Who really cares?) all get moved. I think Army will stay put. Maybe X will go... who knows. All I know is I love it! The Chronicle boys all plan to be at my house Wed for the deadline. I'm taking off work, and the other three are taking off whatever it is they do these days in order to watch all the news. Some say we really need to get lives, but I just don't see it.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Don Cherry is on Crosby's side in this little feud with Ovie:


Anonymous said...

I'm bored just waiting out the deadline. Here's some trade ideas for the Thrashers:

Havelid to Detroit for a 2nd round draft pick.

Reasoner to Edmonton for Dustin Penner OR Robert Nilsson and a fourth round draft pick. This deal would seem to work for both teams.

Eric Perrin and Garnet Exelby to Pittsburgh for a fourth and a fifth round draft pick.

Thorburn to whoever will take him for a sixth round pick.

Now a trade that I think I would do, but was wondering if I was just crazy for even thinking of it. This year's first round pick and Ondrej Pavelec to Ottawa for Jason Spezza. Atlanta would definitely have enough room under the cap to do this. Plus, Spezza is only 25.



This leaves us without a 1st round pick, but we would then have two 2nd round picks, a 3rd, and three 4th round picks. Another deal could probably be made to move up in the draft with all of the extra picks or possibly to trade for a defenseman. These deals would also give the Thrashers three legitimate lines. The defense would be a bit green, but Free Agency can fix a lot of things(Bouwmeester, Boynton, or Morris). They would also keep Lehtonen, who I think can be as good as any goalie in the NHL. Hedberg might have to be traded in the offseason and that position upgraded. Like I said, I'm bored.

Anonymous said...

Sidney Crosby: STFU! You're just a boring dumbass without a shred of charisma, and NHL marketing (an oxymoron) had the stupidity to put all their marketing eggs in your basket...again, STFU Crosby, you whiny punk bastard!

Big Shooter said...


I think Penner or Nilsson would be too much for the Oil to give up for 2 months of Reasoner. Unless of course they are that desperate to get rid of Penner and his contract.

I'm not trading our 1st rounder this year for anyone. Unless we run into some bad luck with someone behind us winning the lottery, we are looking at Victor Hedman (or with a little luck, the #1 pick). I don't mind waiting a couple years for him to come in his own... so I'll take a pass on Spezza. NOW... if we can move one of the goalies in some package for Spezza and keep our pick you are getting somewhere.