Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Atlanta Thrashers are a Hockey Team

Yes they are. 

Apologies for the flat, boring, unimaginative posting around here lately. We're working on our end of the year Peacock Awards Extravaganza. And finding innovative ways to pay for my season ticket renewal, like hiring a private detective to spy on Thrash. You guessed it: I keep the photos away from the newspapers if he gives me free season tickets.  


Jay said...

Some award nominations:

Thrashers Game of the Year:
10/10 vs. Washington 7-4 Win
"A New Hope"

1/16 vs. Toronto 4-3 Win(after being down 3-0). The Birth of the Pev's Dispenser.

2/28 vs. Carolina 5-3 Win(after being down 3-1 with 10 minutes left). Thrashers blow past Carolina.

3/14 at Buffalo 4-3 Win(Todd White ties the game with seconds left). A Whiteout in Buffalo.

3/26 vs. NY Rangers 5-4 Win(after being down 4-1 in the second period). Captain Kovy leads the charge.

Jay said...

Thrashers Worst Game of the Year:

12/12 vs. Boston 7-3 Loss. 3 goals on the first 4 shots. Pavelec gets shelled.

3/17 vs. Pittsburgh 6-2 Loss. The end of the streak. Kovalchuk and Hainsey are out, Bogosian, Valabik, and Slater get hurt. The Moose gets goosed.

3/20 vs. Detroit 6-3 Loss. The return of Hossa. Lehtonen looks mortal. The Big Red Machine roll back to Motor City big winners.

Any game vs. Philadelphia Loss after Loss. Almost getting to the point of Harlem Globetrotters/Washington Generals proportions.