Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Fact

Ilya Kovalchuk is 10 goals away from scoring the 300th of his career.

As you were, comrades, as you were.

UPDATE: The Falconer has a good, thorough recap of the townhall meeting with Waddell. Much better than mine; he seems to have actually remembered the non-ecological questions and answers. At one point he notes Kovalchuk's rampant scoring ever since he was put on a line with Bryan Little:

The scary thing is that Kovalchuk might very well have shattered his career highs if they Thrashers had him playing with Bryan Little all year. We'll never know will we? Kovalchuk is hitting that 25-30 where most NHL players have their carrer best numbers. Hopefully we didn't just waste his peak year.

Kovy is already on pace to have more points this season than he did last season. All this makes one wonder, does it not?

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