Monday, March 30, 2009

Rummaging Around in the Blogosphere

- Knobler says Kari will skate tomorrow with Steve Weeks and see whether or not he can play.

- Elsewhere, Knobler makes the case for Kari being the most important Thrashers player in the month of March, with Slava Kozlov and Ilya Kovalchuk being the #2 and #3 Stars, respectively. I think it's quite possible that Kari was the main difference in several games, and despite his performance in the games against Montreal and Detroit, he's been excellent lately.

My First Star of the Month? Slava Kozlov. Though...Kovy...and Toby Enstrom....I don't know.

- The Falconer says we need a better back-up goaltender, a better PK squad, and a 2nd-line right winger. I'll refrain from commenting on Moose (when it comes to Moose I'm agnostic but sentimental), but without a doubt we need to improve our penalty kill, like, NOW, and I'm especially adamant about another top six right winger. I think one of the possible "hard decisions" the Falconer advocates could involve trading either Pavelec or Lehtonen. The Thrashers really must decide who the #1 guy is going to be.

- Rawhide says the atmosphere in Philips hasn't been this electric since the brave days of 06-07. I tend to agree. I'd actually barely noticed the bigger crowds until Saturday's game against Ottawa.

- Interestingly, Maali of Fire Wagon Hockey noted the uptick in seat occupancy even earlier than the rest of the world.

- Does anyone follow this NCAA stuff? Really, I'm curious.

- Via Gawker and Puck Daddy, I learn that the NY Times is reporting that the Sean Avery-works-at-Vogue movie has an enigmatic working title: Puckface.


swegs said...

shit ya i love the frozen four.growing up in cincinnati i used to go the the miami of ohio hockey camps every summer plus several of my teamates growing up now play D3 hockey. plus i was there for this! easily the greatest goal ive every seen in person. game winner too.

swegs said...

err trying goal i mean