Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GAME DAY: Todd White vs. the Montreal Canadiens

Knobler with a nice appreciation of our most financially astute (?) player in today's AJC. Fun fact: "White made Academic All-America in accounting and finance at Clarkson in the 1990s." That makes perfect sense. Seriously, I think all Thrashers fans can agree that we're proud to be the owners of Todd White and of his best season to date. I feel like such an asshat for doubting him back in the day.

If the Thrash beat the soon-to-be Houston Canadiens tonight that will make our season record against them...what, exactly? 3-1, I think? Let's do it.

Kovalchuk will have at least a two-goal game tonight, guaranteed. Little will score his 32nd. Slava Kozlov will probably score five. Don't believe me? 

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aaron said...

If I remember correctly, Mr. Holik was fairly financially savvy. That must have been a hoot in the dressing room around this time of year.

The Atlanta Thrashers: We may not make the playoffs, but the IRS ain't got nothin on us.