Monday, March 9, 2009

Hockey Kitsch

There's already been a fair amount of criticism directed towards the Thrashers' recently-unveiled 10th Anniversary patch on the message boards and elsewhere. Rightly so. It's hideous.

I don't know who the Thrashers have hired to do their marketing and design, but whoever it is appears to have not even rudimentary aesthetic taste. I honestly can't say enough bad things about this patch: puke-ugly arrangement of colours (putting stripes of varying shades of brown next to each other makes me think of watching badly-recorded videos of NOVA in 1st-grade Science class, complete with bad keyboard soundtrack), the disassociation of the "ATL" is all wrong (it would've been fine if they'd found an interesting way to turn the L into a design, but this is just horrible), and the overall look is weirdly garish for the 10th anniversary of a team that's never won a playoff game. They should've gone with something modest and minimalist, I think.

The worst thing about this deranged logo is that it will be painted onto center ice ALL SEASON LONG. People will be afraid to watch the game for fear of their eyes meeting the Bad Art Ultra-Fail.

For the record, I do like the much-maligned "Woody Woodpecker" menacing-brown-thrasher-holding-the hockey-stick design. I even like it against a powder-blue background. My problem with this thing is 1) the disgusting shades of brown lined up against one another, and 2) the badly-executed L.

Is there ANY way they could change this? Perhaps as a bone to throw to crazed season ticket holders?

If they really wanted to go down the Hockey Kitsch Involving a Bird road, they should have just imitated something like this paint-by-numbers bird

with a brown thrasher holding a hockey stick against a blue backgroud.

Or this:

Imagine the scoreboard tucked into the mid-section of a giant brown thrasher. THAT would be a tacky-but-brilliant tenth annivesary decoration, am I right?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, horrible. Looks retro. I'm so tired of seeing logos trying to incorporate numbers that double as letters, or letters as animals faces or any crap like that. Its not cute, its not clever, it just needs to stop. When they want a design they need to do the tried and true way of getting the best design: a fan submission contest. Someone out there will make something better than the best team of artists you could ever assemble and grossly overpay.

The Church said...

My eyes are bleeding.

The L doesn't look like an L, the 0 doesn't look like a 0 (more like a lowercase O than anything), the differences in font size with A & T vs. L combined with the fact that the L and 1 bleed into each other makes my eyes feel like they're looking at a real shoddy Magic Eye painting, and the Thrasher head looks like it's on a snail's body.

Complete and utter failure.

Go Thrashers.

Anonymous said...

I know the third jersey has received some criticism, but I actually like it. This logo, though, is absolutely hideous. It looks like something straight out of 1973. This isn't something for the Flames, is it? I'm thinking the Thrashers hired the people who designed the old Houston Astros and San Diego Padres jerseys for this one. How can they expect to get respect as an organization when they put out crap like this?