Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trade Deadline Fail

Looks like the decline and fall of the world economy has made everything wretched and horrible, including the NHL Trade Deadline, which ought to be a source of joy to millions.

Pretty damn boring, really.

On the Thrashers front, it's by no means certain that we did anything good trade-wise in the last two weeks. Trading Mathieu Schneider for a 2nd-rounder was a good idea, and on any other team having an extra 2nd-round pick would greatly reassure me, but the Thrashers have proven again and again they don't do the scouting thing particularly well. Not that there aren't good scouts who work for the Thrashers, some of them are excellent; it's just that for whatever reason we don't draft properly.

Meanwhile, the Havelid-for-Salmela and Christensen-for-O'Dell trades are total question marks.

I thought we could have gotten something decent for Marty Reasoner, but perhaps the market just wasn't there, teams being too cautious to give things up for him. TSN was reporting all day that several teams were interested in Colby Armstrong; wonder why DW didn't take the bait? Who knows?

I would love to re-sign Reasoner, and I suppose the only way to do that this summer is to lavishly overpay him. So be it, I guess. But it's far from certain that he'll want to come back, much as I hope he does.

All in all a pretty unimpressive trade deadline. Not all of which is Waddell's fault, of course, because of the economy and over-cautious market and stuff. But still...

UPDATE: For a different perspective, try the Falconer's analysis of Eric O'Dell's statistics. He's excited, which should be a good sign, since the last time I was gloomy/unsure about a new player and he was excited we had just signed Rich Peverley.


Anonymous said...

Steve Yzerman for GM I say. We could convince him Phillips arena is a southern Canada break away colony that he could be emperor of. We have GOT to get rid of DW or things will never change. There is a reason players don't want to come to Atlanta. Its like getting in the back seat of a SUV driven by a tequila swiling Lindsey Lohan.

Big Shooter said...

Stevie Y would rather be the stick boy for the Wings than GM of Thrashers, just face it... some guys belong on only one team.

DW said he thinks there is a VERY strong chance of signing The Party for another year. Good news for sure, and probably why he wasn't moved yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking getting younger and cheaper by trading away the UFA's, and Christensen, who will be a RFA(and would probably be getting a raise regardless of production) could possibly be freeing up money for a Kovalchuk extension over the summer.