Wednesday, March 4, 2009

While We're Waiting, Part II

- Dudes on TSN saying something about Jordan Leopold of the Colorado Avalanche going back to the Calgary Flames.

- All sorts of whispers in the loggia about Olli Jokinen to the Flames. He'd fit in well there, no doubt, but Keith Jones is talking about what an Epic Mediocrity Jokinen is and how he'll make no impact, etc. The Chronicle thinks that Jokinen is hardly what you'd call an "impact" player, but his toughness and offensive ability would hardly hurt the toughness and offense of an already-impressive Calgary team. Keith Jones is a hard man with exacting standards though.

- Meanwhile, Mike Knobler hasn't updated his blog in 10 days. Because of this, there is no Thrashers news.

To make your wait-time more enjoyable:

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