Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Game Day with the Caps: What DOES the Future Hold?

It feels like we haven't seen Ovechkin and co. in the flesh for a long time.

We'll find out tonight whether the Thrashers can set a new record for consecutive wins.

Kovy's injury is being "re-evaluated" today and I assume we'll know later in the day whether or not he'll play. Let's hope for the best: wouldn't a goal-scoring rampage be a great crowd-pleaser for all those watching the game on VS?

The looming threat of a goal-scoring rampage from the other side needs to be discussed, of course: if Ovechkin scores tonight, it will be his 50th of the season and he'll become the only Washington Capitals player to score 50 goals in three seasons. Let's spoil the fun and hold him to no goals, shall we? Kari is playing with a save percentage of .925, so I reckon it's possible.

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