Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Walls are Closing In Again (Oh Well)*

So last night the Thrashers offered up a first seder of actual shit, but the Bruins lost too, so, um, hm?

Tonight they play the Toronto fellas. I can't be bothered to do a proper game day post; perhaps someone else will indulge you.

The Boston fellas also play tonight, against the New Jerseyians. Maybe the Thrashers just didn't want to tie for 8th last night; maybe they're a more Tuesday-philic team.

Does any of this matter, though? As all of you well know, Boston would get the tie-breaker in the event of a Thrashers win and a Bruins loss. And I don't really see this situation changing, which is to say, I don't foresee a Bruins collapse. Or a Philly collapse, come to that.

So, on to the question that actually does matter: what does 9th place mean for this team?



Anonymous said...

9th is slightly less than mediocre which is exactly where they should be. But given the teams to be faced in the next week, they'll have wished they finised in 9th. Why this organization consistently lays an egg at the worst time is beyond me. The Heatley curse lives on.

Anonymous said...

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GoPuckYourself said...

Oh hey, we won tonight, apparently.

5 games left, 2 points out. If we're going to be eliminated, just let it happen before/after the Jersey game. A Kovalchuk game winner against us would be the ultimate act of cruelty in a season that's been full of it.

Ugh. That's completely feasible, isn't it?

Thrashers Recaps said...

Morty, you did it again! Victory!

Mr. Speaker said...

Next blog entry title should be:

Thrashers, why do you hate your fans so much?

Stop with the chronic teasing...it is more annoying than Chinese internet porn!!