Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The World is Less Interesting

We here at the Blueland Chronicle love hockey, but we don't specialize in it. We love plenty of other things too. One of these things is quality stand-up comedy. Most stand-up comedians, like most hockey players, are shit. 

George Carlin was a genius. The Bobby Orr or Mark Messier of disgruntled and surreal humor. His riffs on cliches of language and thought (or more precisely non-thought), his attention to words in all kinds of dimensions, and his riotous stand-up routines are classics of their kind and even a lofty influence on this paltry, hopelessly amateur hockey blog. I can't think of which one of his monologues I like best: is it baseball vs. football, "going for a drive," the 7 Words You Can't Use on Television, or the stuff about death in his final, brilliant (a return to form, really) HBO special? It was all great; rest in (suitably) angry peace George.

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