Thursday, June 26, 2008


We haven't posted on this because we've been afraid of jinxes and curses and the like.

Normally I try to stay ten and a half miles away from endorsing anything that comes from a news organ with the word "sun" in its name, but I just can't resist sharing this item from the Ottawa Sun with anyone who (like us) is starving for Thrashers-specific news and rumors:

It's believed the Thrashers, who need to make a splash to get more interest in their marketplace, could be willing to offer in excess of $7 million US per season to sign Campbell, but the Rangers are going to make a hard pitch.

Brian Campbell + bottomless well of money in the Thrashers' backyard = playoffs


Big Shooter said...

My Sweet Lord. IF we get Campbell, what do you do with the PP?

Campbell Czar on the point?
Enstrom Czar on the point?
Campbell Enstrom on the point?
Czar Czar clone on the point?

My head hurts.

Mortimer Peacock said...

It does make one dizzy, doesn't it?

Big Shooter said...

This is the way my brain works:

If you have Czar, Czar clone on the point, which one shoots?