Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Minute Trade Proposals, Volume I

The word on the street (I'm street so I know the word thereon) is that the St. Louis Blues are willing to give up their #4 pick for a good goalie.

This is a bit strange, considering they have a mighty fine goalie in Mr. Legace, but perhaps they're looking for a youngun for Leggy to mentor. I raise them one Mr. Pavelec.

The word on the street also tells me that for a while now the Kings have (for some reason or another) been primarily interested in using their #2 pick to draft not Doughty or Bogosian, but Alex Pietrangelo. A young Chris Pronger, apparently. There's also been rumors of them going after Nikita Filatov, hoping he's the next Ovechkin or even Semin.

So if the Kings draft Filtatov or Pietrangelo, and we trade Pavelec for #4, we can get Bogo and Doughty that way. Hurrah!

Then we trade Esposito, #29, Todd White, and a dancing bear to San Jose in return for Patrick Marleau. To be slightly more serious, I think all of that (Espo, Mysterious Mr. 29, White, the bear) WOULD be a reasonable price for Jonathan Cheechoo. If that comes to pass, say hello to the Rocket Richard Line.

Then there's the possibility of trading, say, Esposito and #29 and White and Sterling to Florida in exchange for Finnish Mr. Jokinen. The benefits of Olli are obvious, but I'll name one more not so often talked about. If Kari is our main man (and, to quote Big Shooter, "why shouldn't he be?") and we get Jokinen, we'd have a Finn at the back and a Finn front line and center. Surely that would work some kind of Norse vortex magic and get us into the playoffs on the power of Loki alone.

Thoughts? Prayers?


Big Shooter said...

Prayers eh?

Oh, Sweet Hockey God that is everything good and Holy, please, at the very least, let the Kings draft someone other than our boy Zach Bogosian.

Hath thou forgotten about your little franchise in Atlanta? Doest thou remember us trading Coburn for Zhitnik? Oh, the horror. We have recognized our sins, and ask forgiveness of them.

Bogosian is a good American boy. Please grant him to our beloved Atlanta Thrashers. We promise not to trade him away for a gigantic pile of elephant dung. We will not make the same mistake twice. This is all we ask.

In Don Cherry's name we pray,


Big Shooter said...
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