Thursday, June 19, 2008

My (Quixotic) Proposition

Give Pavelec, Esposito, #29, Havelid, and Todd White to L.A. in return for Drew Doughty.

Somehow land Ryan Malone, Valterri Filpulla, and/or Corey Perry. Make up for the absence of a good veteran defenseman (Havelid) by signing Jason Smith.

And we're off!!!!!!!!

Does anyone think we could trade Todd White for Patrick Marleau? Surely Todd White, an excellent stamp collection, and a summer pass to Six Flags for the entire Sharks team would do the trick. Does anyone in the Thrashers organization own a Matisse?


Maali said...

Listen, if we land Gator here, I'll kiss you, OK? And maybe Waddell..

Also, center for Czar - Schrempie. Make that happen too.

Big Shooter said...

JASON SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is everthing we have never had.

Have I ever said I love Jason Smith?