Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Thoughts...

So, another season come and gone. It pains me to do this, but congratulations Devil Wings. You turned out to be the best team in the NHL. I look forward to the day you suck, but doesn't look like that is coming soon.

Some of you will notice over the next few weeks that Morty will not be with us. May he rest in peace. Just kidding! He is over seas reporting for the Chronicle in England. You didn't think we had it in the budget to send our top reporter to the hockey hotbed that is England did you? What will we think of next!! I already feel the pressure of handling the Chronicle all by myself. Perhaps Frenchy will make post number 3... but I doubt it!

I am about ready for us to hire a coach!!! Looks like ole Ronnie boy will be going to Toronto. Big surprise to me. The only two names that I've heard for us are Todd McLellan (Det. Ass) and John Anderson (Wolves). I don't really know much about either one. Don Cherry seems to like Anderson, and that is good enough for me. Plus he has a kick ass handle bar mustache working during the playoffs!

Can't wait for the draft. Speaking of draft... Taco Mac has opened at Philips. Over 100 beers on draft and I'm told you can bring them with you in to the game! God Bless them. Oh yeah, the draft! I'm hoping for Bogosian, but suppose I will happy with either him or DD (it BETTER be one of them).

I'm already dreading August. Hottest month of the year. No hockey stuff at all. Just sucks all the way around.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.

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