Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do Your Duty, Don

If the Atlanta Thrashers were a parliamentary democracy and Don Waddell was prime minister, he would've been overthrown by a vote of no confidence a long, long time ago. I like Don, and I've defended him against some of the more mindless complaints of Thrasher fans, but seriously...if we can't land Ron Wilson, can we at least land Brooks Orpik and Ryan Malone?

Both of them are exactly what this team needs: Malone is a power forward that can clear space for the Czar and score plenty of goals of his own; Orpik is precisely the rugged, pissed-off defenseman this team has always lacked. It's come to my attention that the Columbus Blue Jackets--they of Rick Nash fame--are lobbying hard for both of them. The Pens more or less HAVE to unload Malone and Orpik if they want to keep the likes of Crosby, Malkin, etc. Malone's from Pittsburgh, so he might offer a hometown discount, but Columbus is well below the cap and seems to be offering loads of cash. Columbus can dish out plenty of money to both these guys; so can we. So it's on, then; a fight to the death between Atlanta and Columbus to see who will get the two Americans. Please, Don, don't let them slip away.

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