Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Czar and the Czarina

Not sure if this is footage of their marriage last summer (when they purportedly tied the knot) or a more recent ceremony, like, say, their official state coronation as Czar and Czarina. Either way, watch.

Sadly I'm no good with the language of Turgenev and Mandelstam. Any Russian speakers/readers who know what this is all about?

Nice to know that Kovy is still a good Russian Orthodox boy. He won't be converted by any Southern Baptist neanderthals while he's in Atlanta. You gotta love the white suit/pink tie combination. The Czar is truly a man of style and taste.

UPDATE: A quick perusal of the Smirkin Chicken forums has revealed that the Czar and the Czarina were married last summer in a civil ceremony and waited til now to have the big, gaudy (I mean that in the best possible way; "gaudy" like the poetry of Wallace Stevens, say), religious ceremony. That almost makes me want to be received into the Russian Orthodox Church and listen to strange incantations every Sunday. Also picked up from the Chicken (a tip of the hat to commenter JuneyMoon):

The royal family.

I predict that the young one becomes one of those Russian tennis phenoms.

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