Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm in Love with John Anderson Already

Greg Wyshynski, a.k.a. Puck Daddy, has taken it upon himself to interview our new coach and ask him the important questions. I'm a bit annoyed by Wyshynski's phrasing about the Czar needing to become an Ovechkin-like leader (which Anderson handily corrects by saying, uh, he already is), but overall the interview is WELL worth reading. Great stuff. 

Some things I take away: 
1. He knows Kari Lehtonen and Ilya Kovalchuk well enough to coach them effectively. 
2. He's seriously interested in attracting more interest in the Thrashers in the Atlanta market. This might include sending Kari and the Czar to schools...
3. He understands the Czar to the letter. He sounds like a Hollywood studio executive talking about an exceptionally brilliant director when he talks about Kovy. Wonderful.
4. Kari is definitely our guy. 
5. With Anderson, Boudreau, and Melrose coaching, the Southeast Division is going to be barking crazy next year. 


pkwaldrop said...

1. Anderson and Bogosian (when he's a roster player) are going to humanize the Thrashers for this community. Non-hockey fans are going to be drawn to their charisma and honesty.
2. The SE division race will be one the best stories of '08-'09, 3 or 4 SE Division teams could make the playoffs.

Caps - 75% Chance (best team period)
Ning - 68% Chance (best offense)
Thrashers - 65% Chance (hardest to beat)
Kitties - 49% Chance (best defense)

Mortimer Peacock said...

That's all very possible. There's few players in the NHL as charismatic and dynamic as Kovalchuk; I'm surprised he isn't more of a local celebrity. I realize he's Russian and therefore mysterious, but you'd think more non-hockey fans would be won over by his heart/passion as much as his skill. Go figure.

Moose deserves to become a local celebrity for sure.