Friday, June 20, 2008

What to Expect From Anderson

My take? Wonderful news. I urge all of our readers to point their trusty browsers in the direction this James Mirtle look-over.

Money quote:

"John obviously had a very good NHL playing career, and a lot of times, NHL playing careers lead right into coaching," Cheveldayoff said. "In John's case, what makes him unique from a lot of other guys that step into the coaching realm is that John so badly wanted to get into coaching that he went right down to the Southern Hockey League, which was at the time the lowest rung of professional hockey. He worked his way up."

He coached at every single level you can find."

"John relates well to the players. If you had to categorize him as a coach, he’s a players' coach. One thing he has is an ability to get a lot of different styles of players to come together and play as a cohesive unit. Not unlike every other team, you have ebbs and flows in the season, but one thing that I think with John — and he talks about it all the time — is he treats the players the way he wanted to be treated as a player. That’s the kind of first and foremost characteristic of him..."

Ben Wright from the Blueland Blog got in an interview with the man himself:

"We like to play an attack type game," said Anderson this afternoon. "We don't like to sit back. I will tell you this though- we change our systems throughout a game sometimes and it takes a little while to get all of the sub-systems implemented. But because I've had some of the players already they know some of the thing we do so hopefully that transition will come easier. But it's going to be a lot of hard work in practice though, a lot of positioning and just understanding what I want as a coach."

UPDATE: Dog saves family from burning building, only did it because he liked their choice of dogfood. Also, dog not an arctic fox.

Go get fucked. Seriously.

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