Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome Back Melrose

The Blueland Chronicle is proud to congratulate one, Barry Melrose, on his new job coaching the Tampa Bay Lightning. You couldn't have picked a less evil team Barry? Nonetheless... you, loyal reader, know how much we all think of someone like Don Cherry. It only follows good, sensible, logic that we also love the Mullet. The two best dressers in all of television.

The first NHL hockey game I ever saw was Game 7 Western Conference Finals, LA vs TOR. The Great One would later say it was the best game he ever played. No wonder I'm hooked! A young, redneck looking Barry Melrose, was coaching that Kings team (feuding with Pat Burns as I recall). Now we have a slightly older, still redneck looking, Barry Melrose re-entering the league. I'm all for giving John Anderson a shot, but my how I would have loved for us to hire Melrose. One can dream I suppose.

Just to show you what a kick ass guy Melrose is, he has hired Rick Tocchet and Wes Walz as his assistant coaches. So now not only do the Bolts have the coolest head coach, they also have the coolest assistant coaches. Melrose also would have done wonders for our fan base. Not many people in Atlanta know about hockey, but thanks to ESPN nearly everyone knows Barry Melrose. The spotlight would have been on the Thrashers. That, fellow readers, is never a bad thing. It says here he will have the Bolts turned around in no time. That bastard.

A Few More Thoughts:

Darcy Tucker is getting bought out by the Leafs. A lot of people hate this guy, but I think it would be great to have him on our team. Any thoughts?

We all probably knew this already, but we have talked with Recchi about bringing him back. Wouldn't mind having the ole Recchin' Ball around for another year, but we need additional help on the right side.

I have been a big Hossa supporter, even after he left. But this hogwash about him not caring so much about the money, he just wants to play for a winner, is a complete joke. Your team, Maid Marian, came 2 games away from winning the Cup. They offered you $50 million. And you turned them down. Well within your right. You've played your entire career to get to this point. Just be honest, and say you want to win with the team that is going to pay you the most money. This is America... it's ok to say things like that!

Reminds me of the time Ryan Smyth cried like a girl when the Oilers traded him. He said he would always be an Oiler at heart and never wanted to leave. How sweet! What he failed to say was they were only a couple hundred thousand dollars apart (on a multi, multi million dollar deal) and if he REALLY wanted to remain an Oiler, he could have. SOMEBODY GIVE THIS MAN A GOLDEN GLOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents...

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Big Shooter said...

Thinking about it now, perhaps I was too hard on Ryan Smyth.

I would have had the exact same reaction if I was told I had been traded to the Islanders!

Mortimer Peacock said...

I really, really hate Darcy Tucker. On the other hand, I've never followed his career very closely. Is he still effective?

Also: Hossa is going to be cash-rich. Even moreso than he was.

Big Shooter said...

Darcy's production has dropped off with his age.

Most people hate him. I hate him.

Still wouldn't mind seeing him with us, but there are better options. Not a bad plan b or c.

Mortimer Peacock said...

You know, I've been thinking...

The Sharks want Hossa. To get Hossa and pay him the money he wants, they'll have to unload some or all of the following: Milan Michalek, Patrick Marleau, and Jonathan Cheechoo.