Monday, April 14, 2008

Sharks Attack Early, Seem Triumphant, Get Devoured by Cujo

Sharks 3, Flames 4.

What a game! The Sharks looked invincible in the opening minutes, scoring three goals in the first five or something like that. Out goes Kipper, in comes Cujo, Patrick Marleau gets decked by some guy, Dion Phaneuf morphs into the Devil himself, and the Flames come back and win. The Sharks looked exhausted by the third period: Nabby, JR, Marleau, Cheechoo (who got awfully banged up last night; he keeps trying to start fights in this series even though he's not the biggest guy) Clowe, and Pavelski have all been making a heroic effort this series, last night no exception. Joe Thornton and Brian Campbell were nowhere in sight, and Milan Michalek was dead in the water. If the Sharks are going to win this series Thorton, Campbell, and Michalek will have to wake up.

At any rate, good job Flames! And congrats Cujo. I have to say, though, that I feel bad for Kipper.

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