Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Agent Thought Experiment #1

I would love to land Brian Campbell for next year, and the franchise certainly has the money to do it (assuming that Brian would take dirty sexy money in Atlanta over nobility and prestige in San Jose), but in case we don't go after Campbell here are some free agents that I think we MUST lure to Atlanta:

Mark Streit- Awesome defenseman, fearsome on the power play, not getting paid enough by Montreal. The Habs probably won't be able to give him enough of a raise to keep him in Montreal next year. Think about it. To hold him down the Habs would have to subtract from Carey Price's raise, and that simply ain't gonna happen. I say we offer him a tempting sum.

Brooks Orpik- Another fine defenseman, and offensively skilled as well. The Pens are counting their money closely, as Malkin is going to get a massive raise after next season. That means no money for Brooks. Where will Brooks find the money he deserves? In the Dirty, of course, where else? The Pens give Malkin the reward he deserves, and the Thrashers get another Penguin. Everybody wins.

Daymond Langkow- Considered an excellent 2nd line center, this fellow is what we call a "power forward," something Atlanta sorely needs. Still not a top center for Kovy, but he could handle the second line while Christensen becomes Kovy's line-mate. I think Crusher has the potential to develop into a great 1st line center/ power forward. Let him play. And let Langkow hold down the second line. Money, please.

Jason Smith- Do I even need to explain?

Ryan Malone- This feller is absolutely essential in my opinion. He WOULD be a great line-mate for Kovy, except the two of them both play left wing. Perhaps he could play on a line with his fellow Penguins Army and Crusher. Either and any way, he would an awesome boost to the team and the supporting actor our leading man has needed for a long, long time. The Czar doesn't need a co-Czar or a Slovak prince; he needs a prime minister. Pittsburgh is going to try to give Malone a big raise, but there's no way they'll be able to match us in funds. Welcome to ATL, Ryan.

One of the interesting things about this batch is that Malone and Orpik, in addition to being Penguins, are both American. It's high time we had some true blue red-blooded Yankee males on this team (not that Jim Slater isn't red-blooded and all that, but you know what I mean). If we can't land at least SOME of these folks Waddell really does need to be flogged by a lesbian nun. We certainly have the money...

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The Falconer said...

Langkow just re-signed so he's off the market unfortunately.

Streit is interesting guy. I'll pore over the numbers later this summer but on the surface I like him if the price is right.

Malone also is interesting if his price is reasonable. He is still quite young.

Not an Orpik fan.