Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2nd Round Predictions

Montreal vs Philadelphia:

Boy the Flyers surprised me in Round 1. They were able to score and Biron was pretty good between the pipes. Montreal also looked really good. Price struggled a little, but rebounded nicely in Game 7. Long story short for this series, the Habs are just better. I think they will continue without major problems against Philly. Their power play will rebound and make the difference. Habs in 6.

Pittsburgh vs New York:

The thing that surprised me about the Pens was how good they were defensively. Offense does not seem to be a problem. Should be an interesting series against the Rangers and that goalie they've got. I also thought the Pens would suffer from a long layoff between games, but as it turns out the Rangers have had quite the layoff as well, so I consider that a wash. The Rangers have a good chance, but right now I just don't see who in the East is going to beat the Pens. Pens in 6.

Detroit vs Colorado:

Oh baby! I was hoping this was going to happen! It just doesn't get any better than this folks. Theodore was awesome, and I think the Wings have a problem in goal. Call me crazy, but I've been saying it all year. We will see if Osgood can hold up against the Avs fire power. I'm not sure he can. Rivalry renewed! Avs in 7.

San Jose vs Dallas:

I hate the Stars. Can't believe they beat the Ducks. I think the Sharks had their scare, and will go on a roll. In game 7 they looked as though there was no way ANYONE was going to stand in their way. There might be a team that gets in their way, but I really don't think it will be the Stars. I think JR just might be on a mission. Sharks in 5.

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