Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Round Recap

Unlike most places, we here at the Chronicle don't hide our predictions from what really happens out there in the real world. So here is a look at how I did in the first round:

Montreal vs Boston:

BS Prediction: Habs in 5
Reality: Habs in 7

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa:

BS Prediction: Pens in 6
Reality: Pens in 4 (LOVE IT)

Washington vs Philadelphia:

BS Prediction: Caps in 6
Reality: Flyers in 7 (Same old, same old for us Caps fans)

New Jersey vs New York:

BS Prediction: Rags in 6
Reality: Rags in 6

Detroit vs Nashville:

BS Prediction: Devil Wings in 6
Reality: Devil Wings in 6

San Jose vs Calgary:

BS Prediction: Sharks in 7
Reality: Sharks in 7

Minnesota vs Colorado:

BS Prediction: Avs in 6
Reality: Avs in 6

Anaheim vs Dallas:

BS Prediction: Ducks in 4
Reality: Stars in 6 (I HATE THE STARS!!!!)

So, there you have it folks... 6 of 8. Not bad, but not great. I think you need to get at least 7 before you start bragging. I'll try to get my second round predictions up later on for the two of you that care.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.

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