Friday, April 25, 2008

An Attempt at a Liveblog, T-Minus 22 Minutes and Counting

Most Friday nights we here at the Blueland Chronicle are out carousing with supermodels and rock stars, but tonight I, at least, will be staying in to watch the Penguins-Rangers and Sharks-Stars games. That's right kids, Mr. Peacock recently dislocated his kneecap and has been chair-ridden for about a week. Got too dance-happy at a wedding last weekend. Not a hockey injury.

ANYWAY, I'm going to try to live-blog both games tonight. Stay with me, children; my knee is fucked, but I would be watching this anyway...I mean, think of the excitement of the Pens game alone! Will Hossa deliver? Will Avery do something to Crosby and get walloped by Big Georges Laraque? Will Jagr get torched on his return to the city where he played during his (and the Pens') legendary years? Let's go!

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