Wednesday, April 23, 2008

...and as for my playoff predictions...

I believe I predicted that the Penguins would beat the Senators in 5. Turns out it was 4. Ho ho!

I predicted that Montreal would sweep Boston and I was, thankfully, mistaken. It turned out to be a great series! I wish Boston had come back and won, but they made a great effort nonetheless.

For whatever daft reason, I predicted that the Devils would beat the Rangers in 6. Was I wrong? Yes. Do I care about the Rangers? No.

I wavered back and forth quite a bit in the lead-up to the Capitals-Flyers series. I changed my mind thrice before settling on the Caps in 7. Turns out it was the Flyers in 7, which was my original prediction. Should've stuck with the gut.

Moving our binoculars to the Western Conference, I predicted that Detroit would off Nashville in only 5 games. This is the one I'm most pleased to be wrong about. The Preds were awesome; they deserve much better than constantly going down in Round One. Next year, I predict...

I predicted that San Jose would beat Calgary in a tough 6-game series. Turns out they beat them in a tough 7-game series. Don't feel bad Flames; Iggy will lead you to Stanley Cup glory eventually. And you probably gave the Sharks the toughest series they'll face in this postseason. 

I predicted that the Wild would win in a 7-game war. Man, did I underestimate the sheer killing machine awesomeness of Forsberg, Sakic, et. al. Hats off the the Avalanche veterans. I still think the Sharks will win the Cup this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Av's made some serious noise...

Lastly, and most confusingly, most making-you-question-the-universe-and-life-itself-ishly, the Stars destroyed the Ducks in 6 games. I'd predicted a clean sweep by the Ducks. I think I'm as bewildered as everyone else. Now it's time for the Sharks to murder the Stars in Round Two. 

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